About Us

At Gradeblade, we are focused on providing quick-attach backhoe and excavator blades of the highest qualitiy and durability. We do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Since invented and patented in 1998 by Bill Hall, a 30-year veteran excavator, Gradelades have been the convenient choice for grading and cleanup of trenches and ground surfaces after excavation. Bill retired in 2023. Equipmentland.com now handles all distribution and sales of Gradeblade. Dealers can feel free to contact Equipmentland for resale.

The mission of the Gradeblade is to help contractors increase job productivity while saving time and money. After 30 years in the business, our company has created a product that is inexpensive, convenient, fits everything and is 100% American made. Gradeblade is a small company with a great concept, committed to finishing a job faster and better.

What, where?

Gradeblaes are manufactured in the USA. All basic models are in stock for immediate delivery from Iowa, by UPS or Fedex Ground for most models. Larger Squeegee Blades (6′, 8′ 10′) are buiilt-to-order in +/- 30 days, and ship by LTL Freight.

See pricing and purchase Gradeblades online from EQUIPMENTLAND, the leading online dealer of manufactured attachments for construction, agriculture and facilities.