Gradeblade History

“All the years sitting on backhoes and excavators, I knew there had to be a better

Back in 1998, a fellow named Bill Hall with 30 years of excavation experience, invented “a better way”, when he patented a time-saving blade, now known as GRADEBLADE. Hall found a way to turn a toothed bucket into a smooth wide edge, with one model the width of a bucket, the other is extended sizes with wings. Now, in just 60 seconds contractors can slide a Gradeblade over their toothed bucket and prevent cut-sod or teeth marks in customers’ yards. These amazing blades are not only lightweight and inexpensive, but they save contractors time and money.

Today, Gradeblade has been sold in every state in the nation, all providence’s of Canada, a few countries overseas and has been in 13 national magazines. Gradeblades help contractors increase productivity while saving them time and money. Hall, now retired, made a product that is inexpensive, convenient and will fit any brand, type or size of machinery. In just 60 seconds Gradeblade Crumbing and Squeegee Blades slide over the teeth of your bucket; always bringing material towards you. Gradeblade guarantees blades will reduce backfill time, leave no teeth marks and eliminate the need to rake, shovel, spread sand or run a compactor.
All Gradeblades are 100% American Made and 100% steel.