Convert your backhoe or excavator bucket in minutes.

Patented, backhoe bucket blades and excavator bucket blades are clever grading tools that mount to your backhoe or excavator bucket in minutes. Grade and smooth without shovels and rakes. Slip the blade over your bucket teeth and cinch it up with the provided chain binder, to a weld-on tab on the back of your bucket. Available in two models for any size bucket. Custom Squeege Blades have been made up to ten feet wide. Most models in stock for quick delivery from Equipmentland.

Crumbing Blades:  the same width as your bucket for smoothing trenches and top surfaces.

Squeegee Blades: wider than your bucket, with wings for surface grading.

Every Gradeblade comes with a chain, a chainbinder, and a weld-on hook for the back of your bucket (center image above).

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